Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Pretty Prom Dresses From Sherry London*

Sherry London*

Who are they?
Sherry London are an online global retailer and it is dresses galore! Sherry London sell everything from Prom Dresses to even Wedding dresses. They have so many styles too! From timeless looks to the latest on trend style, there is something for everyone.
The Prom Dresses in particular are my favourite! They're so pretty to look at.

Prom Dress options
The Vintage Prom Dress collection is certainly pleasing to the eye, the dresses are made with tulle or chiffon and with lace detailing, it is sure to turn heads. The dresses scream retro style but with a twist and the dresses are so elegant and flowy too.
If you are looking for something that is a more budget friendly then the Cheap Prom Dress option is for you, the look and quality still is lovely but more purse friendly, I spotted some fabulous mint green and lemon yellow dresses that still look expensive and there are many length options to choose from.
LOVE the colour red? then you are in for a treat because Sherry London stock some amazing Red Prom Dress options to choose from, they all are flowy and floor length gowns that definitely deserves attention. Red to me is a colour of confidence, whether it be a fiery red lipstick or an item of clothing.
If you want to make a prominent entry then the Black Prom Dress option is there too! Their black prom dresses definitely makes a statement and you'll bound to impress!
I personally LOVE the colour blue so I would opt for a Blue Prom Dress from the vast collection of pretty sky and powder blue gowns that scream Cinderella style!


What do you think of Sherry London? Which dress is your favourite?

*This post contains sponsored content 

Friday, 21 July 2017

Pastel Hema Stationery and Accessories Haul

Alphabet Stickers - 0.75p
Geometric shape stickers - was 0.75p now 0.50p
Simple white labels - £1

Mint green and gold bracelet - was £2.00 now £1.50
Assortment of blue stud earrings - was £2.50 now £1.50
Assortment of blue and pearl bracelets - was £2.00 now £1.50
Pastel pink heart necklace - was £3.00 now £1.50

Mint green cat print a5 notebook - £3.50
Liquid light up pen - £1.50
Pastel pink rollerball pen - now 0.50p

I LOVE a good ol' browse in stationery shops but it also means that alot of the items end up in my basket. It has been ages since I last visited Hema and I went in at the right time because SALES!

I think I managed to pick up some good bits and some accessories which I have never bought from Hema before!

Stationery Love
I love personalising items so I grabbed the colourful alphabet stickers and I picked up some labels because it's always handy to have those at hand. In the sale section I found a pack of cute pastel geometric shape stickers which are going straight to my collection! What is it about stickers?! I just cannot seem to have enough. I bought two pens... Don't think I needed it but one lights up and the other was pastel pink and on sale. I think the glitter and red hearts in the light pen are sooo cute! ^^ Lastly I picked up a notebook. This I think will become my main book for lists, planning and blog post ideas and I cannot wait to decorate it like crazy!

Cute Accessories
I have never bought accessories from here and I managed to find some gems hidden at the back of the rail. I picked up a set of cute stud earrings, a dainty necklace and two different types of bracelets. I seem to have a theme when it comes to picking out stationery and accessories, PASTEL HEAVEN! Is what comes to mind, I just can't get enough of lighter colours. I think my favourite piece would have to be the heart necklace because I was looking for a simple chain necklace.

I am so happy with my purchases! Have you visited Hema before and what stuff do you buy at Hema?

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Bakerdays Letterbox Cake* Review

Love the idea of personalised cakes? I know I do! I was lovingly sent a Letterbox Cake* to review and boy! Did it not disappoint!

A bit about Bakerdays

Bakerdays is a personalised celebration cake specialist, providing cakes for ALL types of occasions. There are so many delicious recipes to choose from, you can pick a traditional vanilla sponge to a lovely lemon drizzle option.
They're available to deliver for 6 days a week and if you order before 2 pm, you'll be eligible for next day delivery! How convenient!

My Bakerdays experience

The Letterbox cake actually fits through the letterbox! That is want really astonished me, I didn't think it would be possible for a cake to fit through and I was so worried about the cake when it would drop after the postie would put it through but it was actually ok!
The cake came packaged in a very sturdy cardboard box and when I opened it there was a small card, a pack with balloons, candles and a party whistle blower. Everything you could possibly need to make that moment extra special. This is such a neat little touch that makes the package an overall fun experience to open. The cake came in a keepsake tin which I know I will be using later. I opted for a photo cake that featured my hubby and son. There wasn't an occasion to celebrate so I decided to dedicate this cake to the hubs, for just being my rock and for being such a supportive and caring husband and father too!
We was amazed at the quality and colours on the cake, it was very vibrant and the words were placed well too!
I opted to go for the traditional vanilla sponge and oh my word! It tasted amazing and for something that was being sent because it literally tasted like cake out of a bakery, so fresh, moist and full of flavour. The icing wasn't too sweet so you can definitely scoff more than one slice, you get 3-4 servings out of this cake and I am so glad I chose the traditional sponge option as the icing adds just the right amount of sweetness to the mix.
A Letterbox cake costs £14.99 which I think is an ok price since it contains extras as well as being personalised too! The quality and taste of the cake is so worth it though!
We all really enjoyed this cake and I would definitely recommend Bakerdays for a special occasion for friends and family.

What do you think about the Letterbox cake?

Friday, 14 July 2017

Bedtime Beauty Routine (Cute Edition)

There's nothing I like more than an organised skincare routine and I enjoy a little self care routine before bed. It's the perfect time to unwind, apply all those lotions and potions and obviously remove make-up which is SO important!

Step one - Cleanse, tone and moisturise
I always make sure to take the time out for this really important step. My skin instantly feels and looks cleaner and I know that my make-up has been completely removed, which means a cleaner and fresher base to work with when I wake up. At the moment I am using the Clarins skincare range and what a difference it has made to my skin! 

Step two - Atmosphere
Atleast an hour before sleeping, I put my phone on silent and turn off the wi-fi, as much as it is tempting, it will keep you awake and thinking rather than feeling relaxed so this is a must for me. Next I spray the room with a room mist, I have nearly finished this lavender pillow spray. I spray the room and pillows since lavender really drifts me off to a perfect night's sleep.

Step three - Bedside beauty
You will always find three products on my bedside table: an eye-cream, lip balm and some handcream. I get under the duvet and start applying all my key favourites. An eye cream will help to reduce any darkness under the eyes and make your eyes feel soothed while a lipbalm will nourish and re-hydrate the lips, the Clarins lip perfector is my all time favourite and a trusty hand cream will sort out any dry skin and since they do so much in the day, you cannot afford to miss this step so do invest in a good hand cream!

What is your bedtime beauty routine? 

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

NEW: Oh K! Korean Beauty Products Review

Meet Oh K! The only essentials beauty and lifestyle range you'll ever need!

Oh K! was inspired by their love for Korea, by capturing the essence of K beauty style along with a cute colour scheme and quirky packaging and cute characters.

An interesting fact, Koreans take great pride in their appearance and are very passionate about beauty products, so much that they are atleast 12 years ahead of the rest of the world in beauty innovation!! Seeing the products and reading their descriptions, I can definitely see how innovative it is and boy! Am I excited to try it out, especially the face masks since I am a huge face mask junkie.

Recently I was lovingly sent a fair amount of beauty bits to try out and you can see how insta-worthy all the products are!

Panda animal sheet face mask - £4.00*
This mask promises to rehydrate and smooth out the skin as well as adding dewy radiance back into the skin. I am so excited to try this one out as it sounds like the perfect mask! Something I would definitely go for and how cute is that panda?

Character Lip Balm Duo - £8.95*
The cutest pair of lipbalms ever! One is a cat and the other is a bear *awws* both balms are dome shaped and are easy and fun to use. Cotton candy and White peach are the flavours which makes it much more fun than the usual strawberry lip balm, definitely one of my favourites!

Exfoliating Face Pads - £5.00*
Each pack contains two pads, get super soft skin by using your favourite daily cleanser with these pads, it will definitely help by removing more dead skin cells and it will stimulate microcirculation too! Win! These pads are reusable and should be an essential in your skincare routine.

Mini Tattoos - £4.00*
THE CUTEST! These mini tattoos are so fun and cute, now you can wear cute lil designs without pain or commitment. The designs include: stars, clouds and bows! You can really have fun with this and make a statement!

This is just a sample of what Oh K! Have to offer, there's even a cat trinket tray, scented erasers, mini coloured pencils necklace and much more! I know I will be splurging on more of the items.

Check out the Oh K! website here - link and I am happy to say that you can easily find Oh K! products in Boots! check out the range here! - link

What do you think of Oh K! Let me know in the comments below!

Monday, 12 June 2017

Tiny Treat Boutique Macaron Earrings*

LOVE quirky yet cute accessories than you will LOVE Tiny Treat Boutique! This post comes at you today in collaboration with Tiny Treat Boutique and their gorgeous pair of Pastel pink macaron earrings*
Caroline (the store owner) very kindly sent me this beautiful pair of earrings and I could not believe how realistic it looked.

A bit about Caroline and her fantastic work
Caroline owns her own shop on etsy which you can view here
she sells her jewellery in her store and at fairs too! The pieces can totally be customised depending on your colour choices or sizes, she runs workshops in Brighton, does kid's parties and makes craft kits with her sister which can be found here which are totally cute!!!
She's been on tv! On the program called Crafty Beggars
She's also been featured in a magazine too where she's explaining how she started this very cute business
Lastly Caroline has started making wedding cake replica jewellery, such a neat idea!

Talk about one very talented lady and once you browse her etsy page, you'll definitely be spoilt for choice! she sells everything from carrot cake earrings to the golden lindt bunny necklace.The ultimate foodie's dream.

My earrings came packaged in a little silver box along with a cute pastel business card and a thank you note. It's all about the little things.
The actual earrings are stunning and look just like macarons you would find at a patisserie. The attention to detail is amazing and for such small earrings too!
I have found myself reaching out to these studs and I think I have worn it everyday ever since I have got them, can you tell I'm obsessed?!
I'm so happy with mine and I know I will be looking to spoil myself with another piece, how fab does the pick n mix necklace look?

What do you think about these earrings? Do you think food themed jewellery should be a trend? Let me know in the comments below!

A huge thank you to Caroline for my earrings and for working with me on this very cute collab!*

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Urban Decay's Latest Launch - NEW Naked Heat Palette!

πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯ Image credits: Image 1 &2 - Beautezine.com and Image 3 - wstale.com

Nothing flies off the shelves like Urban Decay's Naked palettes and now, Urban Decay has a hot new Naked palette coming your way: Naked Heat.

This palette features 12 brand new eyeshadows and they all are more golden and warmer hues, from ambers to bronzes! You will definitely be able to create fun make-up looks and add a warmth touch to your smokey eye.

UD calls it an "auburn-inspired, warm, steamy, sultry set of colors." and it's definitely a trend lover's late-summer dream. Each shade mimics a hot night on the beach and the changing leaves in autumn, and the colours fall right in line with the rusty reds and maroons that have been popping up on celebrities and Insta feeds.

Here are the list of the shade names:
Ounce: a satin champagne
Chaser: a nude clay
Sauced: a warm taupe
Low Blow: a toasted almond
Lumbre: a burnt rose gold
He Devil: a spicy paprika
Dirty Talk: a fiery gold
Scorched: a shimmering rust
Cayenne: a baked brick
En Fuego: a charred red
Ashes: a deep oxblood
Ember: a blackened copper

And not only that guys!! Urban Decay will also be launching a capsule collection to go with the heat palette and that includes three vice lipsticks and two 24/7 glide on eye pencils. 
It is said to be launching on the 30th of June but there might be a later date for us UK beauty junkies (July 2017),There has been a pre launch sale but it's SOLD OUT for now...

So will you be adding this new palette into your collection? Or will you be giving it a miss! Let me know in the comments below!

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

My Top Five Budget Highlighters

Swatches from top to bottom: NYX Liquid Illuminator, Technic Get Gorgeous, Miss Beauty London Illuminating Wand, Revlon Photoready Instafix Highlighting Stick and Bourjois Illuminating TouchπŸ’–

Using a highlighter always completes my everyday look, I just cannot stop using the stuff. I LOVE dewy finishes and anything to make me look glowy and healthy is always a must!
I have a round up of my top five budget friendly highlighters that I use regularly and in rotation depending on my mood. Read on to see why you need to add these into your collection!

NYX Liquid Illuminator
A firm favourite of mine. This gorgeous pearly pink highlight is the perfect dupe for the NARS illuminator. The texture is creamy and oh-so light weight, it also leaves your cheekbones with a perfect glistening glow. The highlight itself contains tiny, refined specks of silver sparkle. If you are looking for the ultimate princessy highlight then this is the product to go for.

Technic Get Gorgeous
This baked powder highlight is truly something! The powder is finely milled and is very silky and smooth to touch, I was amazed at the pigmentation of this one so you only need a little bit but can be buildable depending on how you like your highlight to be. This has more of a metallic sheen than shimmer and should be one to try since it's so affordable!

Miss Beauty London Illuminating Wand
Want to try a highlighter for the first time? then this one is the one you need! I loved how easy it was to apply because I was in control and I was able to blend and build up the coverage. This gives a more natural glow and I love using this on days when my make-up is more subtle. Want to know the best thing? It only costs a £1!!

Revlon Photoready Instafix Highlighting Stick
Here is a highlighter that comes in a stick form, so so easy to apply and really handy for on the go and when I need to do my face in like less than 10 minutes! This highlighter is more of a golden shade and my first ever golden highlighter too! The creamy formula easily glides onto my cheekbones and leaves behind radiance and sparkle too! 

Bourjois Illuminating Touch
Lastly the cutest ever compact you've ever seen! I reach out for this highlighter on days when I need that extra sparkle, this powder highlight has a tiny amount of light pink pigment but has a huge amount of sparkle and glitz. Out of the five I would have to say that this has the most amount of glitter.

What is your favourite highlighter at the moment?

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Brand Spotlight: Technic Cosmetics

Technic Cosmetics is a brand I have seen many times, either on the internet or in stores, but hasn’t been a brand I have really tried before, you can usually find Technic Cosmetics in Bodycare stores and online, you can check the full range out here - link
Their aim is to offer women a range of high quality but affordable products; so their ranges include everything from colour correctors to nail polish to makeup brushes, not to mention they have their version of the famous Naked palettes. I was lovingly sent a bunch of products to try and I have been putting these to the test, read on to see my mini-reviews too.

What I was sent:
Get Gorgeous Highlighting Powder in 24ct Gold 
Colour Correcting Setting Powder in Yellow 
Mega Lash Mascara in Black 
Brow Pen in Medium Brown 
Eyeshadow Primer For Shimmery Eyeshadows 

First up, the Get Gorgeous Highlighting Powder, boy oh boy does this product mean business!! Not only does the colour actually resemble 24ct gold but the pigmentation and the long lasting finish makes this a product that will question all the high end highlighters out there! I love wearing this since this adds a bit of warmth to my skintone but with an added sparkle. This hasn't left my make-up bag yet and the cute ripple-like design sure makes this an eye-catching product too!

My base will be all kinds of perfection, thanks to the Colour Correcting Setting Powder in Yellow. I usually go for the dewy look and finish off my base with a setting spray but this is definitely a game changer. Not only does this effortlessly set your make-up but it also colour corrects it too. The yellow tone is said to correct and conceal any redness and pink undertones. It can also be used to highlight and sculpt parts of your face too! What I personally love about this product is that it can suit a variety of skintones and can be a possible dupe for the Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder.

I was so glad to be sent the Mega Lash Mascara in Black, I only go for mascaras that can give my lashes that oomph! This one beautifully separates and lifts my lashes but without any clumping. The jumbo packaging definitely matches the finish that this product gives, 2 coats and POW! Your lashes are super long and ready.

Using brow products are a must! Since having good and groomed brows can really frame your face, I was sent a Brow Pen but I was sceptical as to how it would work, I didn't really get on with brow pens before since it feels like a marker and you would essentially be drawing your brows on. This was different though. All I did was light flicks to fill in any sparse areas and it actually looked ok. I am still in the middle of using this but I will be sure to review this in more depth later on.

What a gem of a product! I am a magpie when it comes to shiny and shimmery make-up so the Eyeshadow Primer was something I definitely would of bought. I like that this eye primer has a twist to it, it's actually made for just shimmery eyeshadows and is said to really give your shimmer eyeshadows that extra depth,colour and long wearing time. I think you could even get away with wearing this alone too, just like a liquid eyeshadow. The actual primer itself contains shimmer so it would SO give your chosen eyeshadow some extra glitz.

Overall I am so impressed and happy with the products, Technic chose to send me. I cannot wait to review each item thoroughly and really put it to the test. I think my favourites out of the range has to be the eyeshadow primer and the highlighter. 

What do you think of these products?

Monday, 20 March 2017

Flutter Perfect Blush Review

It's officially the first day of Spring today and seeing the sun shining and pink blossoms on the trees has truly got me excited for Summer! In Spring I love to wear alot more pink hues and I love sporting a pink cheek and lip.
I picked up this cute Flutter blush in Superdrug and I have to admit I picked it because of the cute packaging and the lil gold hearts.
I am currently using this and boy! Does this product have good pigmentation!

Product description:
For a natural glow add a pretty flush of colour to your cheeks with this soft Flutter Blush. Complete with beautiful packaging for a cute gift idea.

The cute packaging definitely does catch your eye and the compact is very travel friendly! It's sturdy and when you open it, you'll find a mini mirror inside it too.
Once you open the compact you are greeted with the most cutest pink blusher ever! The very bubblegum pink is so pretty and has shimmery gold hearts printed on the top. I just wished the gold hearts were running through the whole blusher instead of just being on the top because once you swirl your brush on the top, the design vanishes but despite this the actual pink colour is quite stunning and shimmery too.
I was amazed at the colour pay off too, seeing as I only paid £3 for this I wasn't expecting much but just product that screams 'fun factor' and to prettify my make-up bag contents.

When I wear this, it gives my complexion that luminosity and it makes me look oh-so glowy and healthy. I am so glad I picked this up. I wasn't able to find it in Superdrug again but if you are wanting to buy one then you can do so here - link

What's your favourite Spring blush?


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Friday, 17 March 2017

DIY: Vintage Floral Nail Art

After using Renunail my nails have become much more stronger and longer, I am so happy that I can finally do some nail art and today I'll be showing you how to create this floral nail design which is as easy as 123! So here's how I painted mine!

What you'll need:
Blue nail polish
Different Pink and Red nail polishes
Green nail polish
Dotting tool/thin brushes
  1. Begin by painting your base colour, I opted for a pastel blue colour. Paint and leave to dry.
  2. Take a medium pink and paint some rough circles on each nail.
  3. Using a light pink and red polish, paint little strokes inside of the medium pink circle to add depth and to suggest petals. Adding reds and light pinks really framed and finished off the flowers
  4. Paint two small leave shapes with a green polish on each flower.
  5. Once you are happy with the flowers, seal your designs well with a topcoat to protect it.

I really hope you like it! I can't stop looking at my nails! I also cannot wait to do more nail polish reviews and nail art projects since my nails are in much better condition.

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