Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Happily Ever Ava Cotton Candy Sugar Scrub Review

Exfoliating the skin is so important, FACT. However it can sometimes feel like a chore especially if you haven't got much time. I really try to make some time in my pamper sessions to do this and I wanted to share with you the body scrub I have been OBSESSING over lately! Meet the cutest and girliest body scrub ever!

I came across Happily Ever Ava on Etsy and I am so glad I did. Ava(the owner) makes and sells a huge array of body scrubs that are all made to order. The sugar, salt and coffee scrubs are made with natural ingredients and essential oils.
The best thing is that her products are cruelty free, 100% vegan and not tested on animals. The product contains luxurious butters and healing oils that work overtime to give you radiant skin that is soft to touch.

Now onto my review! Firstly, how insta worthy is the packaging?! The body scrub comes housed in a beautiful glass container finished off with colourful labels and a gold lid.

The scrub smells incredibly sweet so if you are into sweeter scents than this is definitely for you! The texture was also pleasant to work with, in the mixture you can see smaller, much finer granules and larger granules too which is pink Himalayan salt. It didn't even feel too abrasive on the skin, since that is my main concern with scrubs, it shouldn't feel uncomfortable whilst scrubbing away and even though the mixture of the scrub has bigger granules scattered everywhere it really doesn't affect the way you should scrub and you can easily scoop up a huge amount and scrub with ease. The ratio of butters and oils to granules is perfect, you get a decent amount of the good stuff that will work with the granules to reveal a really bright and smoother skin. I love that this also contains dried flower, fruits and teas. This truly is a real skin benefiting product! I love mine and now it's time you got one and added it into your skincare collection.

Link - click me! /£12.65*

What do you think of this body scrub? let me know in the comments below!

Monday, 22 January 2018

Kukee Jewellery* Review

Kukee is the place to find such cute minimalistic accessories, whether you're a boho babe, lover of all things space/planets or a gemstone wearer, you will definitely love this gem of a shop (pun totally intended)

A bit about Kukee:
Treasure trove of unique bohemian and grungy jewels handmade in a little town by the sea with extra love and care ☺

Gold Galaxy Necklace in 'Moon' - £4.00*
I am really into gold jewellery at the moment and if you know me well, you'll know I always opt for silver but I thought I should switch up my look and the Gold Moon necklace is the cutest thing ever! The gold plated necklace adds that minimalistic and elegant touch to all of my outfits. The quality is brilliant! The detailing on the cresent moon to the actual weight and look of the chain. I am so happy to have this in my collection and I know this will be my go-to necklace for a very long time.

Galaxy Ring - £2.50* Something similar
What a stunning ring! As soon as this arrived I just couldn't stop staring at it. It literally looks like a bit of space captured in a ring! I have never seen such a ring like this before and I am glad Sil stocks these in her shop, so creative! You'll have to be quick on these rings though because the moon one, which is similar is currently sold out!!
The ring is adjustable which is great and is silver plated too.

What amazes me about Kukee is the affordability, the accessories are all lovingly handmade and still so affordable too! You can easily find something to gift a loved one or as a treat for yourself, either way no one will be disappointed. I highly recommend that you check out Sil's talented shop. I'm sure it will be hard to pick only one thing...

Friday, 12 January 2018

Shiny Creations Jewellery Review

Am I excited to show you my new and cute accessories!! I absolutely LOVE kawaii and quirky pieces and Shiny Creations is the place to find such cute and handmade jewellery pieces. The lovely Helen (shop owner) lovingly sent me a few adorable items from her shop and I have been getting compliments ever since!

About Shiny Creations:
Shiny Creations is a handmade jewellery and gift business with a flair for the dramatic, weird and wonderful. Our products have a particular emphasis on personalising to create a truly unique gift that only you can give. 
We currently have a pick ‘n’ mix range, based on the classic sweets of childhood that we absolutely love. Each piece is handmade from Fimo using nothing but finger tips and cocktail sticks!
Don't forget us at the holidays too! We have new collections and products coming out all the time and limited edition items for Christmas, Easter, thanks giving, Halloween, Valentine's Day and more.

Opening my parcel was quite an experience, inside there were cute lil confetti shapes, the four accessories were gift wrapped individually in very festive packaging and Helen even included an information card and some cute free christmas stickers too!!

Marshmallow Flump Necklace £6.00*
MY FAVOURITE! I seriously LOVE this necklace! This totally reminds me of my childhood days, going to the pick n mix store and buying a huge ol' bag of marshmallows. It actually looks so real too! (not edible) The chain is silver plated and hypo-allergenic. It's suitable for sensitive skin which is a plus! The pastel pretty colours are so true to the real food item and this instantly finishes off any outfit and makes it atleast 10x cuter! Highly recommend this necklace!  

Gingerbread Man Necklace £10.00*
What a cutie! You can tell the amount of effort that has gone into this accessory. The cute white icing cuffs and gumdrop buttons really makes the gingerbread man look realistic, it's all about the lil detailing. The glossy finish really neatens the design up and a perfect choice for the festive period. This would also make a great gift option too!

Mince Pie Earrings £7.00*
The picture does not do justice for these earrings, when I saw these, I truly was amazed at how it actually looked like mince pies. Helen did a great job at making the mince, look like mince. Another great choice for the festive time, a very quirky item too so if you know anyone who loves and wears the 'really out there' accessories then this has to be added to your shopping cart. The earring hooks are silver plated, hypo-allergenic and suitable for sensitive skin.

Doughnut Earrings*
Now you can really wear some guilt free calories! These adorable pink glazed doughnut earrings are just out of this world! It really reminds me of the Simpsons doughnut! This really catches the eye and is perfect for doughnut lovers out there! I posted a picture of these earrings on my instagram and everyone loved these. Another definition of fun and quirky.

I am super happy with my new accessories and I cannot recommend Shiny Creations enough! If you are looking for cute, fun and trendy jewellery then this is the only place! Be sure to follow Shiny Creations on social media to be kept upto date with cute updates and latest jewellery launch information.

What do you think of my new accessories?